What Makes a Genius?

This is your brain…
This is Einstein’s brain…
What did Mr. Einstein have that we don’t? A bigger brain? More brain cells? How about none of the above?
Einstein’s brain weighed in at 2.7 pounds, less than most adult men. Most of his brain was in fact unremarkable, but one area associated with visual and spatial reasoning — the inferior parietal region — was 15% larger than normal. Even more unusual, his brain lacked a special fissure there, effectively fusing two key brain regions into one.

Also, he had a smaller, less densely packed frontal cortex, the part of the brain usually assumed to be directly influencing reasoning and logic. This helped him to be less limited by reality and become more creative.

Is that it? not really. There is still more about his white matter. White matter is one of the two components of the central nervous system and consists mostly of myelinated axons. Myelinated nerve cells tremendously increase the speed at which the action potential (nerve impulse) moves along the neuron’s axon.Its usually described as the foundation of the brain.

White matter has long been suspected to be correlated to intelligence. Humans have more white matter both concentration wise and area wise than most animals, even animals of the same brain size.
Einstein had a LOT of white matter… especially underneath the regions controlling spatial reasoning and creativity.

That is genius.

Now go home and cut up your brain :) see how much white matter you have

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