Interesting Science (and random) Facts

1.  Giraffes have a 21 inch tongue…
(And I have a 21 inch something else…)
2. A dime has 118 ridges around the edge.
3. Jupiter is less than 1% of the mass of the sun.
4. The RMS. Titanic takes about 15 minutes to stop from full speed.
5. A sneeze travels at over 160 km/h.
6. “Dreamt” is the only English word that ends in the letters “mt.”
7. Albert Einstein was once offered the Presidency of Israel. He declined saying he had no head for problems.
8.Penguins can jump as high as 6 feet in the air.
9. Due to hyperinflation in the 1920’s, 4,000,000,000,000,000,000 German marks were worth 1 US dollar.
10. The cruise liner, Queen Elizabeth II, moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.
11. There is a town in Newfoundland called Dildo.
12. If you fart consistently for 6 years and 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.
13. Mosquito repellents don’t repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito’s sensors so they don’t know you’re there.
14. An ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain.
15. Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump.
16. The Neanderthal’s brain was bigger than yours is.
17. Nerve impulses to and from the brain travel as fast as 170 miles (274 km) per hour.
18. Human thighbones are stronger than concrete.
(don’t try ramming concrete though… remember your small brain)
19. An average man will orgasm between 2700 to 6000 in his lifetime.
20. No burping in space, there isn’t gravity to seperate the liquids and gases in the stomach, so one cannot burp.

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