Advanced cloud identification

The last post ‘Cloud identification’ was all basic clouds in the atmosphere, This one is about the identification of advanced clouds and what they signify in terms of weather patterns.

This will also be divided into 4 sections :)Advanced Cloud Identification

1. Low clouds
Scud clouds
A type of fractus cloud, are low, detached, irregular clouds found beneath cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds are often ragged or wispy in appearance, signifies instability.
Fractus clouds:
Fragments of an ambient cloud base, also signifies instability.
2.Mid Clouds:
 Altocumulus castellanus:
This type of alto cloud looks castel like and if seen in the morning may signify showers or thunderstorms in the afternoon, evidence of mid-atmospheric instability and a high mid-altitude lapse rate.
Altocumulus lenticularis(lenticular cloud):
Formations caused by wave like movements in the upper mid atmosphere, caused by mountainous areas and sometimes mistaken for UFO’s.
 3.High Clouds:
Noctilucent Clouds:
Clouds (cirrus like) above the stratosphere, visible (seemingly glowing) at night as a result of its high altitude.
Caused by the condensation of water vapor in the upper atmosphere as a result of jet engine exaust.
4.Convective Clouds:
Funnel clouds:
Signifies the formation of a tornado, please see my article “Tornado Safety

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