The Science T-shirt

There is a huge market out there that makes millions upon millions of dollars each year and that market is the online nerdy science t-shirt market. There are so many different websites to go to get all kinds of various styles of t-shirts; from polo’s to v-necks to crew necks and just the plain old t-shirt, you can get it all!

There is such a huge multitude of websites sometimes it can actually be hard to choose where to waste my money that is just burning such a huge hole through my pocket and needs to be well wasted right away – and I do! I own a grand total of 21 nerdy t-shirts, including my favorite one, the recursion t-shirt (to understand recursion you must first understand recursion):

I just love nerdy T-shirts, I have so many of them and yet I can’t stop getting more of them. Lots of people laugh when an adult walk around with a nerdy shirt, whether it be a Bazinga shirt from the famed Sheldon in the big bang theory, or it’s a batman shirt. I love getting band shirts too, some of my favorite are the Metallica shirts; they just look awesome. Some of my favorite shirts to get have action heroes and their catch phrases on them. No matter what I love getting myself a lame and nerdy shirt, whether it’s for a cheap laugh or just for my own amusement I just can’t stop.

No matter what the stereotypes be, mainly that grown men should be wearing full sleeve button up shirts and dress pants instead of a batman shirt with matching pants and light up batman shoes, I won’t stop doing it…. Ok maybe the light up shoes are a little overkill and childish but you get the point! There’s nothing wrong with showing what you love, what you enjoy, and what your passion is. And if any of those things happen to throw you into the category of nerd, then so be it. Keep representing batman, Spiderman, or Mine Craft; it really doesn’t matter, it’s who you are, and quite frankly in my opinion it’s awesome….. even though personally I find Mine Craft to be ever so boring and just flat out lame, like common, just get some Lego’s and have fun like kids in the 90’s did!

And here’s a dirty little secret, if you want to go past nerdy I really like getting myself WWE shirts, yes that’s right, professional wrestling is one of those dirty little things I happen to enjoy, and I’m not afraid to buy a t-shirt which advertises that; ooh that John Cena! HUSTLE, LOYALTY, RESPECT!!

All of that being said one of my favorite places to shop online for t-shirts, nerdy t-shirts to, is Amazon. Amazon really has absolutely everything and chances are if you want a t-shirt, no matter what’s on it, they will probably have it. Not only that but they usually have it for a very good price, and order a few items and you will get free shipping too! There are some really great online t-shirt companies which offer various levels and styles of customization like ; they’re great too! I’ve gotten some really great work from some custom online t-shirt shops. Just be sure to read some reviews beforehand so you know that the service and quality they provide is good; because let’s face it, the internet is full of people who want to just make a quick buck instead of actually provide good service. These people definitely don’t have any hustle, loyalty or respect!

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