Helping the wolves

There are unbelievable numbers of wolves being slaughtered by local governments in North America right now.. It is very sad seeing history repeat itself mere 50 years after the centuries of prejudice against wolves was stopped… But, only temporarily stopped as it seems now.  

Please, visit (Howling for Justice) for updates on the grim situation in the United States.. I will be posting updates of the situation in Canada on this page.

If we had a candle for each fallen wolf in the past year.. we would have over 2,000…

Wolves are a keystone species, a crucial part of a healthy ecosystem and pose almost no risk to livestock and no risk at all to human life..

Man is but a speck of cosmic dust, in the darkest of hours, never to be seen again.
Gone, with the wind of destruction, of vain and selfishness, of all the greatness that was, no more.
Thy self, consumed with the fire of want, lost in a sea of greed and malice, never to surface.
And so shall the fellow creatures drown with thee.
Gone, with the sound of the last axe hitting the last tree, and the last machine, and the last righteous act.
Out brief candle! Never to relight, never to be seen again. 


 Excuse my bad poem writing.. I just wanted to express how I feel about the actions of humanity against the environment, which nurtures all of us and without nature there would not be us.

2 thoughts on “Helping the wolves

  1. Hey! This is Tress from the Forgotten Grace! Thank you so much for commenting! It's nice to know that someone out there actually READS it! In return, I shall read your blog. Thank you so much for proving to us that we're not just typing pointless words into our computer! It means a lot, and Storm agrees!

    ~May the moon burn bright, and the good fortune be upon you

  2. p.s. We will put your gracious comment on the site soon! If you have any problems with that, then just email us and we'll be sure to take it down.

    ~Bloggers of the Forgotten Grace

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